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October 2001

Woodland Altars (Sinking Springs, Ohio)

[All of these images were created with the Minolta Dimage 7]


I have been going to the outdoor education camp at Woodland Altars Camp in Southern Ohio with McArthur Elementary for several years as an adult male chaperone. One of the things that I always look forward to is getting to spend some time outside and sharing my love of the outdoors with the students.


The first week in October and the leaves were just beginning to change.

[above image taken in RAW format, all other in JPG Fine]


The students from McArthur Elementary were definitely having a great time!


The students learn about the hardships of life in the 1800s through role-playing.


Inside the camp's log cabin.


[Fireplace without the camera's flash]


[No flash]


Students studied water ecology in the streams and camp lake.


A highlight is the hike to "Strawberry Hill" where the students study a pioneer cemetary.


The counselors share the lives and deaths of the pioneers and their families.


Students investigate the dates, ages and causes of death that gives them a idea of what life was like two hundred years ago.


The counselors weave the love stories and tragedies of those that lived here in Southern Ohio.


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