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Rylie Elizabeth Cook
born July 4, 2007 @ 10:12pm 7lb 11oz 20in

Labor Update July 4th, 2007

1:00am: Lauri's water broke

3:30am: Arrived at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus

4:00am: After a brief exam, she was admitted

4:00-5:00am: We walked the halls in Labor/Delivery to speed up the contractions

11:00am: Dialated 2cm and taking some pain medication which allowed Lauri to sleep

Noon: Contractions increasing and Lauri decided to receive an "epidural"/anesthesia

1:00pm: Dialated 3.5cm and started receiving Pitocin to help the progress of labor

3:00pm: Lauri is sleeping to relax/rest and recover her energy for the birth

5:00pm: Dilated 5.5cm and Lauri is "ready"

6:00pm: Dilated 6cm and contractions 2.5 min apart

8:00pm: Sleeping/resting; signs of getting closer to delivery (nausea/pressure), but not there yet

9:00pm: contractions a minute apart but not dilating past 6-7cm

9:30pm: decision made to have a c-section

10:12pm: Rylie Elizabeth is born 7lb 11oz 20in bright eyes, alert and sticks out her tongue!

We are home. Feel free to come visit!

Thanks for all your prayers!

Rylie is a beautiful baby girl!

Lauri's parents

Alan's parents

Proud grandparents
Bethany, our nurse


Jill Rogers
Dave and Maddie Rogers

Rylie's great-grandmother
Feeding time

Rylie finished the whole bottle

Anthony Pelfrey
Lisa Pelfrey

Tyler Steele
Jen Steele

Scott Zinn

Fred & Jordance
Christy & Lauren


Rylie's Aunt Carol

Cousin Brenda

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